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Margaret Morgan - Bible of Illuminated Letters

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Margaret Morgan - Bible of Illuminated Letters. Купить книгу. Издательство: Barron's Ed

Margaret Morgan

В нашем книжном интернет магазине «Спринтер» Вы можете купить книгу Bible of Illuminated Letters Margaret Morgan

The ancient art of illuminating manuscripts is currently attracting many new enthusiasts among artists, art students, and lovers of calligraphy. The Bible of Illuminated Letters is a volume they’ll all want to add to their collections. It presents step-by-step instructions for recreating twelve illuminated alphabets. Among them are Celtic, Saxon, Gothic, Romanesque, Modern Revival, and seven more, including several modern scripts. Detailed diagrams instruct on creating upper - and lower-case letters, as well as on ways for designing borders and decorations. More ambitious students can also follow clear directions for gilding-decorating with gold leaf-as was originally done in medieval European monasteries. Readers and students of illumination who open this book will find: a history of illumination; required tools, techniques, and materials for illuminating; instruction in layout and design; and steps to follow in order to create 12 alphabet styles. This beautiful book also features a picture gallery of outstanding historical and contemporary illuminated letters, as well as a glossary and index. More than 400 inspiring color illustrations in total.
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Издательство: Barron's Ed
Серия: -
Год: 2006
Страниц: 256
Обложка: мягкая обложка
Том: 1
Код Sprinter: 208703
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