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Live Wire

Coben Harlan    Код Sprinter: 1324091
In this exciting new novel from international bestseller Coben, his fans will learn more about Myron Bolitar than they ever have before as Myron's mysterious, estranged younger brother Brad dis...
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Just One Look

Coben Harlan    Код Sprinter: 1970543
Living a lie for 21 years - and now the past has caught up with him... A first-rate thriller from the SUNDAY TIMES No.1 bestselling author of SIX YEARS. Grace Lawson is living a happy, straightforwa...
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Live Wire

Coben Harlan    Код Sprinter: 1982176
Sometimes the ugliest truth is better than the prettiest of lies... A beautiful woman walking into Myron Bolitar's office asking for help should have been a dream come true. Only this woman, Su...
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Miracle Cure

Harlan Coben    Код Sprinter: 1128192
They were looking for a miracle cure... Sara Lowell and Michael Silverman. The ideal celebrity couple, darlings of the media. She's TV's most popular journalist. He's New York's ...
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Live Wire

Coben Harlan    Код Sprinter: 1168760
Myron Bolitar's family takes center stage in this novel. When news of his estranged brother arrives, providing tantalizing clues to his whereabouts, Myron hopes to salvage a relationship about ...
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Coben Harlan    Код Sprinter: 1502767
When an innocent man is lured to the site of an alleged child abuse, both a journalist named Wendy, and the police assume he is the abuser. It's not until three months later when Wendy gets a s...
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The Best American Mystery Stories

Coben Harlan    Код Sprinter: 1230051
Best-selling novelist Harlan Coben, a master of suspense and creator of the critically-acclaimed Myron Bolitar series, edits this latest collection of the must-reads in mysteries from the past year.
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Une Chance De Trop

Coben Harlan    Код Sprinter: 261754

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Sie sehen dich

Harlan Coben    Код Sprinter: 513087
Harlan Cobens bislang beklemmendster Thriller! Der Teenager Spencer Hill ist tot: Selbstmord. Oder doch Mord? Als sein engster Freund Adam Baye verschwindet, befürchten dessen Eltern Mike u...
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Juste Un Regard

Coben Harlan    Код Sprinter: 261791
Et si votre vie n'etait qu'une vaste imposture? Si l'homme que vous aviez epouse dix ans auparavant n'etait pas celui que vous croyez? Si tout votre univers s'effondrait bru...
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