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Все книги French Nicci

What to Do When Someone Dies

French Nicci    Код Sprinter: 1296412
Ellie Faulkner's world has been destroyed. Her husband Greg died in a car crash - and he wasn't alone. In the passenger seat was the body of Milena Livingstone - a woman Ellie's never...
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Land of the Living

French Nicci    Код Sprinter: 2315300
Abbie Devereaux wakes in the dark. She is hooded and bound, with no idea where she is or how she got there. Kept alive by a man she never sees, his only promise is that eventually he will kill her -...
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Losing You

Nicci French    Код Sprinter: 575148
Nina Landry has given up city life for the isolated community of Sandling Island, lying off the bleak east coast of England. At night the wind howls. Sometimes they are cut off by the incoming tide....
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Catch Me When I Fall

French Nicci    Код Sprinter: 1410953
You're a whirlwind - a success. You're living life on the edge. But who'll catch you when you fall? Holly Krauss is a city girl burning the candle at both ends. Despite a comfortable ...
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Tuesday's Gone

French Nicci    Код Sprinter: 1427346
Nicci French, the bestselling author of What to do When Someone Dies and Losing You, returns with the second book in the gripping new series that began with Top Ten Bestseller Blue Monday. Fans of P...
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The Red Room

French Nicci    Код Sprinter: 1225724
He almost took your life. Now his is in your hands...After psychologist Kit Quinn is brutally attacked by a prisoner, she is determined to get straight back to work. When the police want her help in...
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The Memory Game

Nicci French    Код Sprinter: 491712
You remember an idyllic childhood. But your memory is deceitful. And possibly deadly... When a skeleton is unearthed in the Martellos' garden, Jane Martello is shocked to learn it's that o...
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Blue Monday

Nicci French    Код Sprinter: 1094498
Monday, the lowest point of the week. A day of dark impulses. A day to snatch a child from the streets... The abduction of five-year-old Matthew Farraday provokes national outcry and a desperate pol...
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