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Все книги Italo Calvino

The Queen's Necklace

Calvino Italo    Код Sprinter: 1400479
In these two stories from an inventive, comic master of the form, old friends and friendly rivals Pietro and Tommasso discover a treasure lost by the side of the road, and become suspected of a usin...
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Difficult Loves

Italo Calvino    Код Sprinter: 468222
This dazzling collection of stories follows the individual adventures of a varied cast of characters and masterfully illustrates Calvino's unique perspective and narrative gifts. As well as the...
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Le Vicomte pourfendu

Calvino Italo    Код Sprinter: 1303749
Que se passe-t-il lorsqu'un homme rentre de la guerre avec seulement la moitié droite de son corps? Quelle vie peut-il espérer mener? Quelle possibilité s'offre ...
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Six Memos for the Next Millennium

Calvino Italo    Код Sprinter: 2408507
Italo Calvino was due to deliver the Charles Eliot Norton lectures at Harvard in 1985-86, but they were left unfinished at his death. The surviving drafts explore of the concepts of lightness, quick...
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The Road to San Giovanni

Calvino Italo    Код Sprinter: 2071106
In five elegant autobiographical meditations Calvino delves into his past, remembering awkward childhood walks with his father, a lifelong obsession with the cinema and fighting in the Italian Resis...
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Under the Jaguar Sun

Calvino Italo    Код Sprinter: 2071113
A couple on an epicurean journey across Mexico are excited by the idea of a particular ingredient, suggested by ancient rituals of human sacrifice. Precariously balanced on his throne, a king is abl...
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Numbers in the Dark

Calvino Italo    Код Sprinter: 2408506
Numbers in the Dark is a collection of short stories covering the length of Italo Calvino's extraordinary writing career, from when he was a teenager to shortly before his death. They include w...
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Il Cavaliere Inesistente

Calvino Italo    Код Sprinter: 1870687
"Questo romanzo di Calvino viene ad affiancarsi a 'Il visconte dimezzato' e a 'Il barone rampante', compiendo una trilogia di emblematiche figure, quasi un albero genealogic...
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Lezioni Americane

Calvino Italo    Код Sprinter: 1246018

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