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Rosie Dickins    Код Sprinter: 1081627
This is a new title in "Young Reading Series Three", which is aimed at children whose reading ability and confidence allows them to tackle longer and more complex stories. Victor Frankenst...
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Little Book of London

Rosie Dickins    Код Sprinter: 435988
- A handy-sized guide to England’s capital city. - Contains a brief history of London from Roman times to today, as well as a guide to its people, places and tourist attractions. - Written in clear ...
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Twelfth Night (+ Audio CD)

Dickins Rosie    Код Sprinter: 1786995
Shakespeare's classic comedy retold for children growing in reading confidence and ability. When Viola is left shipwrecked on the coast of Illyria, she must disguise herself as a boy for protec...
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Dracula (+ Audio CD)

Rosie Dickins    Код Sprinter: 667504
This is a popular title in the Young Reading series, part of the Usborne Reading Programme. It is now re-issued in hardback with the audio CD in a wallet inside the back cover, making the book and C...
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The Genie in the Bottle (+ Audio CD)

Dickins Rosie    Код Sprinter: 1544015
This is the classic Persian folktale retold for beginner readers ready to tackle slightly more complicated storylines and sentence structures. A poor fisherman finds a genie in a bottle - a big, bad...
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Art Colouring Book

Dickins Rosie    Код Sprinter: 1338252
This is a glorious colouring book with that details from 15 famous paintings to colour in. Produced in association with the National Gallery, it includes full colour reproductions of each picture an...
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Fairy Tales for Bedtime

Dickins Rosie    Код Sprinter: 1543928
An illustrated and bound collection of traditional stories, freshly retold for today's children. It is presented in luxurious cloth quarter-binding, with ribbon marker and carefully designed pa...
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Famous Paintings

Dickins Rosie    Код Sprinter: 1338980
This book offers a lavish introduction to 35 of the world's best-known, best-loved paintings. It includes the Mona Lisa, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Van Gogh's Sunflowers and The Scream. Si...
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