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Все книги Martin Amis

House of Meetings

Amis Martin    Код Sprinter: 1231158
There were conjugal visits in the slave camps of the USSR. Valiant women would travel continental distances, over weeks and months, in the hope of spending a night, with their particular enemy of th...
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Lionel Asbo: State of England

Amis Martin    Код Sprinter: 1524392
Lionel Asbo - a very violent but not very successful young criminal - is going about his morning duties in a London prison when he learns that he has just won GBP139,999,999.50 on the National Lotte...
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Vintage Amis

Martin Amis    Код Sprinter: 472020
Equally at home in satirical novels and biting critical essays, wickedly funny short stories and intimate autobiography, Martin Amis is widely regarded as one of the most influential yet inimitable ...
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Dead Babies

Martin Amis    Код Sprinter: 408473
Blitzed on uppers, downers, blue movies and bellinis, the bacchanalia bent bon-vivants ensconced at Appleseed Rectory for the weekend are reeling in an hallucinatory haze of sex and seduction. But a...
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Money: A Suicide Note

Martin Amis    Код Sprinter: 867089
This is the story of John Self, consumer extraordinaire. Rolling around New York and London, he makes deals, spends wildly and does reckless movie-world business, all the while grabbing everything h...
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