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Все книги Glen Cook

Dreams of Steel (Chronicles of the Black Company 5)

Glen Cook    Код Sprinter: 601269
Croaker has fallen and, following the Company's disastrous defeat at Dejagore, Lady is one of the few survivors--determined to avenge the Company and herself against the Shadowmasters, no matte...
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Water Sleeps (Chronicles of the Black Company 8)

Glen Cook    Код Sprinter: 601287
Regrouping in Taglios, the surviving members of the Black Company are determined to free their fellow warriors held in stasis beneath the glittering plain. Journey there under terrible conditions, t...
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Bitter Gold Hearts

Glen Cook    Код Sprinter: 461286
The Stormwarden's children have been kidnapped and Garrett, P.I. is on the case. But caught between the bewitching beauty of a half-elf and the fearsome power of a horde of ogres, Garrett has t...
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Lord of the Silent Kingdom (Instrumentalities of the Night 2)

Glen Cook    Код Sprinter: 475400
It’s cold. The wells of power are weakening and the forces of Night grow strong. The gods are real, and still have some power, mostly to do harm. The Instrumentalities of the Night are the worst of ...
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Dread Brass Shadows

Glen Cook    Код Sprinter: 461281
Everyone wants to find it — a treasure so rich it makes even a hard-boiled detective like Garrett nervous. It’s the legendary Book of Shadows, made of brass and holding secrets no mortal was ever me...
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Old Tin Sorrows

Glen Cook    Код Sprinter: 461287
That's what it seems like Garrett has committed himself to when Blake Peters calls in some overdue favors. Someone is trying to kill Peters's boss, wealthy, retired General Stantnor, in a ...
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Petty Pewter Gods

Glen Cook    Код Sprinter: 574583
There are some new gods in the town of TunFaire, but temple real estate on the Street of Dreams is at a premium. So the big gods on the block issued a challenge-find the "key" to the one t...
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Faded Steel Heat

Cook Glen    Код Sprinter: 1460601
Riots between humans and trolls, elves, and other non-humans have plunged Tunfaire into near chaos. Garrett finds himself pulled into the game when a powerful gang of human rightists tries to shake ...
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Garrett Takes the Case

Cook Glen    Код Sprinter: 2035174
Garrett is a private investigator who always gets his man-or elf, troll, or sorcerer. In the magical city of TunFaire, he's the first name in paranormal detection. Garrett Takes the Case collec...
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