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Все книги Crook Marie

Katie Grows a Bean Plant

Crook Marie    Код Sprinter: 1440525
Katie likes beans. They are her favorite vegetable. She gets a small jar, some paper towel, and a bean seed. Does the seed grow?
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A Bug's Life

Crook Marie    Код Sprinter: 1237670
A bug's life is difficult.Every day the ants have to find food. The grasshoppers come and take the food. They are tired but Flik has an idea they can fight the grasshoppers. But grasshoppers ar...
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Chicken Little

Crook Marie    Код Sprinter: 1237708
When the sky fell on Chicken Little the people listened to him. When aliens came the people did not listen to him. Now, Chicken Little needs to save them from the aliens. Will his father listen to t...
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Up in the Air

Crook Marie    Код Sprinter: 1441082
A hot air balloon is an aircraft. A helicopter moves in an interesting way. An A380 jet plane has 22 wheels. Let's read and learn about flying...
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Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Crook Marie    Код Sprinter: 1237666
Thousands of years ago,the Empire of Atlantis was a wonderful place. The people of Atlantis built computers, amazing buildings, and fantastic flying machines. Then one day, a great storm came to Atl...
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Crook Marie    Код Sprinter: 1440507
Lightning McQueen was red, handsome, and fast. He was a fantastic race car and he knew it. He loved attention. He wanted to be the most famous race car in the world. He wanted to win the Piston Cup....
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Gulliver's Travels

Crook Marie    Код Sprinter: 1842786
This is the story of Gulliver, a clever man who loved adventures. This is his greatest adventure! When his ship hits a rock, Gulliver swims to an island called Lilliput. There, he meets a group of t...
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Harry's Clothes Project

Crook Marie    Код Sprinter: 1440513
How many different clothes can you see in the street? Think about all the different clothes you wear in just one day, in just one week. And the different clothes for different times of the year! Har...
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