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Все книги Wilson Jacqueline

The Dinosaur's Packed Lunch

Wilson Jacqueline    Код Sprinter: 1868488
A hand reached out and patted Dinah on the shoulder. A large scaly hand with a spiked thumb! On a school trip to see the dinosaurs in the museum, everyone in the class has a packed lunch. Everyone, ...
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Jacqueline Wilson    Код Sprinter: 406241
Sylvie and Carl have been friends since they were tiny children. They've always played together, eaten with each other's families, called each other boyfriend and girlfriend and deep down,...
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The Suitcase Kid

Jacqueline Wilson    Код Sprinter: 622674
When my parents split up they didn't know what to do with me... My family always lived at Mulberry Cottage. Mum, Dad, me - and Radish, my Sylvanian rabbit. But now, Mum lives with Bill the Babo...
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The Monster Story-teller

Wilson Jacqueline    Код Sprinter: 1868471
Monster Planet, here we come! One morning at school, Natalie is feeling bored - until a tiny monster waves at her from a plant on the classroom window sill. The monster whizzes her off in his mini f...
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The Cat Mummy

Wilson Jacqueline    Код Sprinter: 1868510
I sometimes talk about my mum to Mabel, because Mabel doesn't ever get upset. Verity adores her cat, Mabel, and is desperately sad when she dies. Remembering her recent school lessons about the...
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Girls In Love

Jacqueline Wilson    Код Sprinter: 406220
REASONS TO READ MY BOOK, NUMBERS 1 TO 9 1. It’s about three girls in Year Nine 2. You can learn all sorts of secrets about me (I’m Ellie) 3. Ditto my best friend Nadine 4. Ditto my equally best frie...
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My Sister Jodie

Jacqueline Wilson    Код Sprinter: 495808
Pearl and Jodie are sisters. Pearl is the quiet, cautious, studious one. Jodie is bold and brash and bad - but Pearl adores her anyway. When their parents get new jobs as the cook and caretaker at a...
подробнее о книге: My Sister Jodie Jacqueline Wilson
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The Lottie Project

Wilson Jacqueline    Код Sprinter: 1427500
Hi! I'm Charlie (DON'T call me Charlotte - ever!). History is boring, right? Wrong! The Victorians weren't all deadly dull and drippy. Lottie certainly isn't. She's eleven -...
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Happy Holidays

Wilson Jacqueline    Код Sprinter: 2154605
How are you going to spend your summer holiday? Will you be going on a sunny beach holiday, meeting your friends at the park, or relaxing in the garden with an ice cream? Jacqueline Wilson's Ha...
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Girls in Tears

Jacqueline Wilson    Код Sprinter: 406221
Ellie, Magda and Nadine are back - but they're not very happy! Ellie's glorious romance with Russell is teetering on the rocks. Magda's lost her pet and is desperately upset (though t...
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How to Survive Summer Camp

Wilson Jacqueline    Код Sprinter: 1188433
My new T-shirt said I LOVE EVERGREEN ADVENTURE HOLIDAYS. My new T-shirt was a liar. Dumped at Evergreen Summer Camp while her mum's off on a swanky honeymoon, Stella just knows she's going...
подробнее о книге: How to Survive Summer Camp Wilson Jacqueline
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